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A. Tsagas Furs

211 Detroit Street
Denver, CO 80206

Phone: 720.941.9877

Categories: Fashion,

Named for the Greek word for beaver, Kastoria is home to a long line of furriers dating back to the Middle Ages. It's in this town from which Andreas Tsagas, owner and proprietor of TSagas Furs hails. From Kastoria, Andreas brings a tradition of fur-making artistry. To you, Tsagas furs gives you more than beautiful furs. Every fur from Tsagas Furs tells a story. Every coat, jacket, blanket, or purse is a unique work of art. Tsagas fur clients enjoy the priveledge of uncompromised Artisan-Quality craftsmanship combined with a unique, custom design. This level of quality doesn't have to cost more than off the rack furs. 

Welcome to Tsagas Furs.