Eight Local Artists Hit the Street On Clayton to Raise Money for Youth Artists

Category: Keep Cherry Creek Unique

September 15, 2020

Last month, eight local artists created a spectrum of pop art, graffiti and realism representing diversity through street art at the site of a new Cherry Creek North hotel and members club. The artwork will be up for public viewing until Spring 2021 and will raise money for the local artist nonprofit Birdseed Collective.

Artist Lio-Bravo Bumbakini (@liobumba)

Clayton, the first-of-its-kind, members club and hotel under development in Cherry Creek North hosted live artists in the streets in August to paint large-scale pop art, graffiti and realism pieces at their construction site in Cherry Creek North to introduce Clayton as Denver’s hub of diverse creative culture and talent. The eight artists will be helping to raise up to $5,000 for BirdSeed Collective, a local nonprofit making a positive impact through creative programs dedicated to educating and enabling Denver’s disadvantaged and under-resourced communities. 
Clayton is collaborating with these eight local artists who represent diversity and progress in Denver’s street art community to bring a range of unique artworks to the exterior of Clayton’s building. Eight large-scale “canvases” (each 14 x 6 feet) were created and will remain up until March 2021. With each Instagram photo posted of the artist installation and tagged using @claytonmembersclub #claytoncreates up until Oct. 1, Clayton will donate $1 up to $5,000 to BirdSeed Collective.

“With the introduction of Clayton to the Denver community, we wanted to create an interactive installation for public engagement which best expresses the ethos of the Clayton community - creativity, collaboration and inspiration,” said Dana Sass, director of membership of Clayton. “Denver is a hub of diverse creative culture with individuals striving to make lasting impacts and continuously evolve Denver’s growing creative environment — we at Clayton are here to celebrate and support them.” 

Clayton, an Aparium Hotel Group brand, will open its doors in March 2021 with a distinguished community of established and developing creative, social and business leaders who have a common interest in giving back to the larger Denver community (and beyond). More details regarding the hotel and club property will be released this Fall. 

Artist Seymon Gurule (@ozjuahsepia)

The eight artists collaborating on this project will be part of Clayton’s Member community of Creative Collaborator Members. Clayton’s Founding Members party will consist of a fundraising opportunity in the form of a live auction, where 50 percent of the sale from each piece of art will go to the artist as their commission, and 50 percent of the sale will be donated to an organization or cause of the artist’s choice, in order to uphold Clayton’s values to support and give back. Each artist, along with their artwork, will be featured in a beautiful, artfully constructed coffee table book “Clayton – The Book” which will be gifted to Founding Members.             


These eight artists were live at Clayton Aug. 19-21, but you can see their work outside on Clayton Street through next spring!

  • Sasha Alexander (@sasha.the.kid)
  • Jameson LaDopa (@banneddesign)
  • Julio Alejandro & Danielle Cunningham (@julioalejandro.9 /@thenowfuture)
  • DINKC (Laedan Galicia) (@dinkc)
  • Lio Bumba (@liobumba)
  • Cyanne Stonesmith (@cyannestonesmith)
  • Noah Baker (@Tukeone)
  • Seymon Gurule (@ozjuahsepia)
  • Scott Young (@scottyoungstudio)

Additional information about Clayton will be released this fall. To learn more about the brand, visit Clayton on Instagram: @claytonmembersclub or email Clayton’s Membership team at hello@claytondenver.com