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Kick off the New Year and find your unique fitness fit in Cherry Creek North

With 14 different health and fitness gyms and studios in Cherry Creek North, you don't have to go far to start tackling those health and wellness goals in 2021 and find your perfect fitness fit.

Whether you want to stretch, climb, run, walk or dance your way to a healthier and happier you, we've got just the place. Below, check out some special deals and offers to get you started.

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Deals & Offers:

Lagree Luxe

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The Bar Method Denver - Cherry Creek 

What makes your studio unique? We focus on personalized adjustments to support clients to find their best form so that they get the most out of every workout and leave feeling mentally and physically strong.

How can you help people find the right fit for their health and wellness goals? We will change the way you see fitness and yourself! You will find strength you didn't know you'd ever have, increase your ability to work through challenges, and we will help you do it faster and safer because we have used science to perfect our technique.

Deal details: $49 for your first month of unlimited classes! Take where and when you want. Classes are safe at the studio as well as available via livestream! 

CYL Sauna Studio

CYL Sauna Studio

What makes your health service unique? CYL Sauna Studio is Denver's only luxury infrared sauna where clients enjoy a private suite and their own individual pod that provides an infrared experience that is 7x more detoxifying than a standard sauna. Because clients are sweating on a cellular level, they can burn upwards of 600 calories in a single 30 minute session all while lying down and relaxing with their heads comfortably breathing room temperature air. Now that’s our idea of a workout!

How can you help people find the right fit for their health and wellness goals? Infrared sauna therapy plays an incredible role in workout recovery. So whether our clients are hitting the gym hard in the new year or pushing personal goals in spin or pilates classes the soothing infrared heat will penetrate deep into the muscles and joints removing built-up lactic acid and inflammation from joints. The health and wellness benefits don't stop there, CYL also helps clients with pain relief from arthritis as well as numerous other ailments with improved circulation and blood flow. With improved circulation, our clients say their skin looks and feels amazing!

Deal details: New clients sweat for just $30, that's a $15 savings!

Lagree Luxe

Lagree Luxe Cherry Creek

What makes your studio unique? Our workout combines strength, cardio, balance, core, and flex. By removing momentum from the exercises, the tension on muscles stays constant, activating more slow-twitch fat-burning muscle fibers. This proactive approach keeps Lagree on the cutting edge.

How can you help people find the right fit for their health and wellness goals? With a maximum of 10 people per class, expect lots of attention and hands-on coaching. Whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, modifications make this class suitable for all levels. Each class is high energy, motivating, and positive.

Deal details: New member special: $55 for 3 classes (valid for 30 day period).



Orangetheory Fitness

What makes your fitness studio unique? We’re a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-led group workout. We used heart-rate-based training to create a scalable workout that meets all levels where they are at and gets them the results they want. It's an energetic and fun workout that builds endurance, strength and power.

How can you help people find the right fit for their health and wellness goals? Our workout can be scaled for any fitness level or interest. We offer options for running, power walking, biking or striding alongside rowing and weight-lifting.

Deal details: Our New Year's Promotion is "Stick to 3 Get One Free" - if you commit to 3 months of membership at an Elite (8x/month) or Premier (unlimited) level, you'll get one free month of membership! You must not be a member at any Orangetheory as of 12/31/20. 

Rise Nation

What makes your fitness studio unique? Rise Nation utilizes basic human movement to deliver a high-intensity exercise unlike any other. Our 30-minute classes take place on the Versaclimber—an upright climbing machine that engages the upper- and lower-body in a constant vertical ascent. And unlike other methods, Rise Nation prevents back injury by putting both anterior and posterior muscles to work, giving you maximum results without strain.

How can you help people find the right fit for their health and wellness goals? Our workout is for every level of fitness.s of experience. We offer 3 different levels to cater to everyone's personal needs! 

Deal details: 5 Climbs for $99


Vive Float Studio

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VIVE Float Studio

What makes your health service unique? VIVE specializes exclusively in Float + Cryo + Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna + VibroAcoustic + Halo Therapies. Our boutique total wellness center offers today's most cutting edge equipment dedicated solely to providing simultaneous mental and physical REST and RECOVERY. This all-natural healing environment is ideal for those with chronic pain, stress-induced illnesses, sports injuries and more. VIVE has a simple vision: to create a calm, clean, and curative environment that allows a person the opportunity to intentionally participate in the restorative and accelerated healing powers achieved through our various all-natural resources. ​​

How can you help people find the right fit for their health and wellness goals? One of our team members can design a customized wellness plan to an individual’s mental and physical wellness goals. This individualized plan can range from a 1-day rapid relief session/s, to a 3-day post-injury intensive, to an ongoing lifestyle change focused on the power of maintaining a person’s mental and physical balance. Stop in or make an appointment to discuss your mental and physical goals with one of our team members.

Deal details: VIVE offers an ‘Intro Studio Sampler’ that allows a person the opportunity to ‘sample’ one of each of our all-natural services. Followed by the ability to purchase an ‘Intro 3-Pac’ for each of our 6 services. Once you realize the mental and physical benefits of our restorative services you can become a member offering a variety of prices and studio perks. Stop in, go online or call our studio to discuss our Intro or Member pricing. Terms: The above ‘Intro’ prices are one per person, and are non-shareable.

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