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Make Cha Dao Style Matcha Tea with Ku Cha House of Tea

Category: Life is Sweet

Master the Art of Making Cha Dao Style Matcha Tea

A Step-by-Step Guide with Ku Cha House of Tea Owner Rong Pan

If you're looking to mix up your morning caffeine routine, Ku Cha House of Tea has a variety of choices (including non-caffeinated teas) that you can make at home.

Today, owner Rong Pan shows us how to make a delicately sweet matcha tea at home in the traditional style of Cha Dao (meaning "The Way of Tea"), also called Chanoyu in Japanese.

If you love a matcha latte, Ku Cha House of Tea can show you how to prepare matcha in the traditional Cha Dao style.

This traditional preparation requires investing in a few tools, but it's worth noting that the gorgeous green powder has a variety of uses in addition to your morning hot tea or cold latte.

"You can even add matcha to cakes and cookies," Pan says. Ku Cha also has a great matcha latte recipe which doesn't require any tools (except a fork), perfect for those just getting into the world of matcha.

With so many ways to benefit from all the antioxidants, minerals and vitamins found in this finely ground tea powder, you want to make sure your matcha is from a trusted source like Ku Cha House of Tea, which obtains the finest quality matcha from Shizuoka, Japan.

"With most other teas, we brew tea to drink and discard the leaves," she explains. "However, with matcha, you are essentially eating the whole leaves in powder format. You are absorbing 100 percent of the green tea health benefits."

The shop carries two types of matcha: standard and premium. Standard matcha is delicious as tea, and perfect for non-tea recipes, like lattes, cupcakes, bread and cookies. Premium matcha is primarily used for tea ceremonies and tastes creamier and sweeter. You can learn even more about matcha and its cultural importance in traditional tea ceremonies from Ku Cha's blog.

Ku Cha House of Tea is offering free online shipping to Cherry Creek residents, plus a free tea sample with every online order *limited time offer, call (303) 351-9215 or visit the website for more information

Cha Dao Style Matcha Tea


Standard matcha (sold in 1.5 oz packs for $18.95)

Matcha spoon

Matcha bowl

Matcha tea whisk


Add 2 spoonfuls of matcha (about 1 to 11/2 tsp. of matcha) to matcha bowl. 

Add 1 oz. hot water to bowl to make a paste (water temperature should be about 150 degrees). Stir a few times with whisk.

Add another 1 oz. of hot water to bowl. Froth vigorously with whisk. Enjoy!

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