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While the 16 blocks of Cherry Creek North are much quieter for now, the local business community is still (virtually) here for all your shopping, dining and wellness needs. We're keeping you updated all week long with how-to guides and promotions from your favorite places with Keep Cherry Creek Unique.

Master Your Next Virtual Meeting Look

Featuring Michael Moore with Moore for Life

If you're working from home for the time being and have the kind of job where most of your professional interactions are normally face-to-face, videoconferencing can be a lot to get used to.

On top of figuring out a new technology and a new set of virtual professional etiquette rules (pro tip: make sure you’ve located the “mute” button before your dog inevitably starts barking uncontrollably during a big presentation), it’s easy to feel self-conscious about your appearance when a mirror image is staring right back at you as soon as you open the Zoom app.

But never fear. Even if you stayed up late last night watching Saturday Night Live’s Henriette and Nan botch their first (and probably last) Zoom meeting, Michael Moore, founder of makeup, skincare and wellness studio Moore for Life, has a few expert tips on getting the right light, background visuals and simple face makeup foundation to make you feel so confident, you'll be first to sign up to lead the next department meeting. 

Even if you’re just hopping on FaceTime to catch up with family or enjoy a virtual happy hour with friends, his tricks will ensure you look your best, even from your living room:

Michael Moore's at-home Zoom setup includes a ring light, which gives professional-looking lighting that helps you look and feel like the best version of yourself.
  1. Background: While on a Zoom call the other day, Moore says a cat hanging around the person he was calling made for a huge distraction. “Try to make sure that everything around you looks pleasant and uplifting,” he says, and consider what's behind you (and around you) before jumping on the next call.
  2. Lighting: Moore suggests investing in a ring light if you really want to up your professional appearance. If you're not looking to splurge right now, try to take calls in a room with plenty of windows so you benefit from all the flattering natural light.
  3. Makeup: For men, Moore recommends a little powder underneath the eyes to look brighter and well-rested. Women should consider just a touch of concealer on the inner corner of the eye to get an instant boost of brightness. Moore also suggests shaping and filling in eyebrows to create an uplifted and defined look. “Eyebrows are always a very determining factor for a person’s face," he says. "Take a simple pencil and give a beginning and end to the brow." Add a little eyeliner and a swipe of mascara, and voilà! You're ready to Zoom.  
  4. Style: Moore says wearing a brightly colored shirt is another great way to boost your mood and enhance your skin tone. "The color of your top should complement your lip color so you don’t look washed out," he says. 


If you’d like personalized tips on makeup, lighting and more, Moore of Life is offering 30-minute one-on-one video makeup session and background and lighting critique for $45. Learn more and book your session at

Find Your Young Reader's Next Favorite Book

Featuring Bob Topp with The Hermitage Bookshop

When browsing the local bookstore isn't an option, it can be difficult to keep children engaged with reading.

Bob Topp has spent the past two decades reading aloud to students in Denver schools. His website Read Me A Story, Ink features free recorded readings of some of his favorite short stories and curated lists of top children's books.

Lucky for Denver parents, Bob Topp, longtime owner of The Hermitage Bookshop, maintains an essential online index of over 1,500 printable children's stories by award-winning authors, recommended reads by topic and age range, and even a curated list of picture books for early readers at his website, Read Me a Story, Ink.

“This list of recommended picture books is truly a 'people’s choice' list," Bob says, noting he's pulled not only from his own personal favorites, he's also asked children, parents, teachers, and children’s librarians to send their favorites.

All Read Me A Story, Ink's resources are free, and the age-appropriate lists will help your child feel like they have plenty of options to choose from. 

Additionally, Topp’s library of 50 Stories Read Aloud will likely come in handy if your kid is missing story time at school or wants to switch up the narrator for their next bedtime storyTopp's got some experience in that area, after spending the last 25 years volunteering as a reader in local schools. You'll find access to dozens of recordings of Topp's readings, including family favorites like  "Who Owns the Moon?" by Sonia Levitin and "Kite Flier" by Dennis Hasley.

Until the doors can re-open, you can show your support for the longest-standing independent bookshop in Denver by searching The Hermitage Bookshop's online inventory through

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