Motivation Monday: Pilates Evolution & Blank Barbers

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While the 16 blocks of Cherry Creek North are much quieter for now, the local business community is still (virtually) here for all your shopping, dining and wellness needs. We're keeping you updated all week long with how-to guides and promotions from your favorite places with Keep Cherry Creek Unique.

Pilates & Clean Floors? The Perfect Workout Does Exist.

Featuring Pilates Evolution Cherry Creek

As we begin another week at home, it's important to keep moving to reduce stress and anxiety. Pilates Evolution Cherry Creek is here to help you switch things up if you're looking for a new way to burn some energy indoors.

Even though you can't make it to the studio, Pilates Evolution has virtual packages available to keep you sweating at home.

Bonus: if you move around enough, this workout can also help get your hardwood or tile floors squeaky clean at the same time! The only equipment you need can be found in your kitchen (and on your phone): two dish towels, a stop watch and some killer tunes!

Today's workout focuses heavily on upper-body and core movements finishing with a touch of cardio, explains Natalie McLaren, owner of Pilates Evolution Cherry Creek, who is keeping up with all of her members by posting regular tutorials and updates on Instagram at @pilatesevolutioncc.

"We have created an online community where we share fun and easy at home workouts that involve little to no equipment, while still embodying the Lagree Method," says McLaren. "Our workouts will still target a long, lean physique by slowing the movements down and ensuring that our clients will continue to 'chase the shake' in any space you have in your home."

Watch Pilates Evolution trainer Carlynn in the video below to make sure you have the perfect form, then use the guide below to get in your full workout in for the day!


Sections 1 & 2

Need: 1 towel
Wheel Barrow on toes: 30 seconds
(video: 0:00 - 0:19 seconds)
Plank to Pike: 30 seconds 
(video: 0:19 - 0:43 seconds)
15 seconds rest
Twisted Wheel Barrow on toes (place right foot in front of left): 30 seconds
(video: 0:43 - 1:02)
Twisted Bent Knee Teaser: 30 seconds
(video: 1:02 - 1:16)
15 seconds rest
Twisted Wheel Barrow on toes (left foot in front of right): 30 seconds
(video: 0:43 - 1:02 seconds - reverse feet)
Twisted Bent Knee Teaser: 30 seconds
(video: 1:02 - 1:16 seconds - reverse feet)
Start back from the beginning and go again 1x

Sections 3 & 4

Need: 2 towels. Place 1 towel under right hand and 1 towel under right toes.
Reach/Push Right arm out to side and drag it back in: repeat 10x
(video: 1:19 - 1:34)
Lateral Straight Leg Sweeps R: repeat 10x
(video: 1:34 - 1:45)
10 seconds rest
Reach/Push Left arm out to side and drag it back in: repeat 10x
(video: 1:46 - 2:02)
Lateral Straight Leg Sweeps L: repeat 10x
(video: 2:03 - 2:12)
10 seconds rest
Repeat this set 3x

Section 5

Cardio BOOST!
Need: 2 towels. Place one under each foot.
Squat Jacks: 30 seconds
(video: 2:13 - 2:21)
Bear Burpees: 30 seconds (optional: add a push-up)
(video: 2:21 - 2:41)
Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds
(video: 2:41 - 2:48)
15 seconds rest
Repeat 3x

If you're ready to keep sweating with Pilates Evolution, you can buy a discounted package here after creating an online at home by using promo code "STAYSTRONG" at checkout for 20 percent off a 5, 10 or 20 pack. Expiration is one year after first visit.



Trimming Tips For When You Can't Get a Haircut

Featuring Blank Barbers

Everyone who usually sports a shorter haircut is struggling right now. While most men can handle basic beard maintenance, Blank Barbers understands that the hair on the back of your head is a whole different story. ...Wait, put down those scissors!

"We know a lot of you are getting scruffy and are tempted to cut your own hair, but please don't!" warns Blank Barbers owner Zackary Jarmon. "Leave it to us professionals and we promise you will thank yourself later!"

Until you can get back into the salon or barbershop, Jarmon has some tips to help trim your beard and neckline. 

Put down the scissors and pick up a trimmer to keep unruly hair managed until you can get a professional haircut.

Buy a good trimmer

Many are available online. This is one Jarmon and his team at the barber shop really like. 

"A good trimmer will help you trim all the longer hairs on your face and neck," he explains. "Remember to always follow the natural hairline."

If you have a friend or partner at home with you, have them help trim the back of your neck. Jarmon says to have them focus on removing hair below the hairline and not to get too close to avoid messing up the line.

Have a beard? Try a foil shaver.

A foil shaver can help trim the shorter hairs outside of the beard line. Here is one Jarmon uses at the shop and highly recommends for home use.

Get style inspiration

Your haircut may look nothing like it used to once this is all over. Jarmon recommends finding a photo of a haircut you want to give a try and giving it to your barber for reference. Instagram hashtags are a good place to start browsing. Try #menshaircut or something more specific to your preferred style and go from there.

As of this posting, Blank Barbers is planning to be back in the shop May 1. Book your appointment at

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