Motivation Monday: StretchLab, UCHealth & Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library

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While the 16 blocks of Cherry Creek North are much quieter for now, the local business community is still (virtually) here for all your shopping, dining and wellness needs. We're keeping you updated all week long with how-to guides and promotions from your favorite places with Keep Cherry Creek Unique.

Make Your Hips Happy with StretchLab Cherry Creek

With gyms and fitness studios closed, you’re probably not able to follow your normal fitness routine. Instead of wasting time searching for a fitness video that actually fits your needs, StretchLab Cherry Creek has adapted their customized services into a virtual program that gives you everything that you need to move, stretch and feel good even when you’re stuck at home.

Dina Silverman, who launched the Cherry Creek studio just over a year ago, recognizes that many people are feeling increased levels of stress, anxiety and uncertainty right now.

“One of the things that really helps with that is movement and getting your endorphins going,” she says. “Movement is essential and can make a difference between having a good day or a bad day in this environment.”

Take a few minutes to watch the video below and limber up for the week ahead by making your hips a little happier! 


Check out more of these stretching videos on StretchLab’s YouTube channel, which provide a sneak peek of their new personalized at-home flexibility program. Silverman says her team moved quickly to create the at-home program, because it was essential for StretchLab to bring their individualized service into a digital space. 

“Everything we do is one on one, and we’re continuing to offer that level of coaching remotely through providing exercises you can do at home to continue moving and staying flexible.” 

Once you sign up, you’ll get connected with a flexologist (essentially, a personal trainer that’s focused on stretching) who will curate a program customized to your needs and goals that includes videos, photos, detailed step-by-step instructions for exercises and stretches. 

Additionally, you’ll receive one-on-one weekly accountability check-ins.

“That accountability really keeps people in check and motivated,” Silverman says. “Once you get into the routine, you’ll start to feel better and have more motivation to keep doing it.”

Flexologists are pretty good at flexing their creative muscles, too—they have a lot of ideas for new exercises to keep things fun, interesting, and challenging, Silverman says.

“From using dining chairs inside to hopping on the steps outside, we encourage our team to come up with fun new ideas to keep you moving. This one-on-one program is really helpful for those who need a personalized approach. It makes it easy so you don’t have to keep sifting through all the online fitness noise—you get movements that are relevant and catered to you.”

Email StretchLab Cherry Creek at or call (720) 464-6333 to get the at-home flexibility fun started. 

Learn New Skills with Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library

Time to stop scrolling through Netflix.

Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library’s senior librarian Hillary Estner is challenging you to spend your day doing something a little more stimulating, because even though the library’s doors are closed, your mind doesn’t have to be!

The Denver Public Library provides free access to a wide range of newly enhanced digital services, including virtual classes where you can try your hand at learning a new language, take a college or career readiness course, or sharpen your tech skills with software and coding tutorials.

Of course, you can also dive into a full catalog of e-books, digital magazines, movies and music, if that’s more your social-distancing style. The friendly folks at the library will even help you curate your own personalized reading list. After giving close to 800 customers over 5,000 recommendations in 2019, these book-savvy advisors are ready to help you discover your new favorite novel.

And if you're looking to create connections with more bibliophiles, the library has just recently been able to bring their book clubs, story times and more online through Google Hangouts. From short story happy hours genre-specific book clubs, you can find your new book-loving crew here

Stay Well with UCHealth Steele Street Medical Center

More than 700 UCHealth clinics are now offering Virtual Visits to allow patients to keep seeing their regular primary care and specialty providers while staying safe at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

This includes the Cherry Creek North patient community that's served by UCHealth Steele Street Medical Center.

Now patients can arrange visits with providers at the Virtual Urgent Care for immediate needs and they can also schedule in advance to do a Virtual Visit with their regular doctor. Learn more about Virtual Visits from UCHealth Today.

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