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While the 16 blocks of Cherry Creek North are much quieter for now, the local business community is still (virtually) here for all your shopping, dining and wellness needs. We're keeping you updated all week long with how-to guides and promotions from your favorite places with Keep Cherry Creek Unique.

Take A Look Back At Denver's History

Featuring Philadelphia Print Shop West

The Mile High City looks very different than it did just a month ago. As we transition into a safe-at-home phase in the near future, things may continue to change, but as Denverites know, the city has seen an incredible transformation over the last century and a half and has only gotten stronger.

Christopher Lane, Cherry Creek North's resident history expert and owner of Philadelphia Print Shop West, has built a career on sharing the rich history of the West through his large collection of antique prints and illustrations. He was kind enough to share a look into the city's past with us, and how moments throughout history have shaped the way Denver looks today:

A street scene in Denver City from 1859.

"The Pike's Peak gold rush started in 1858 with several groups coming to a remote part of what was then Kansas Territory, with two parties focusing on finding gold near the confluence of Cherry Creek and the Platte River. They set up competing towns on either side of Cherry Creek, Denver City and Auraria, each a very rudimentary settlement.

When word got back east of the gold discoveries at "Pike's Peak" (as the whole region was called), thousands more rushed west, including a party representing Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, which in August 1859 issued the very first pictures of Denver and Auraria.  One shows a street scene in Denver City (pictured left), one of the streets in today's LoDo. Another showed Auraria (pictured right), looking from Cherry Creek towards the north, with a line of cabins lined up by the trees lining the Platte River.

A view of Auraria looking north from Cherry Creek toward the Platte River from 1859.

The towns grew rapidly as more and more gold seekers rushed to the Front Range. Competing economically with another gold rush settlement, Golden, the citizens of the two towns joined together to form Denver on April 6, 1860. At about this time, another image (pictured below) of Denver was created and printed in Leslie's. This showed the combined towns from a location approximately where the state capital building is today. It shows how quickly Denver was growing. It also shows how, early on, Auraria—which can be seen in the left side of the photo below—was more developed than the settlement on the south side Cherry Creek, today's LoDo.

The towns of Auraria and Denver joined together on April 1, 1860 and continued to grow quickly throughout 20th century and beyond.

These images from 1859 and 1860 give us a privileged look through the eyes of of those living in Denver a century and a half ago, which is a special characteristic of antique prints. It is fun to gain an understanding of our past, and an interesting perspective on Denver today."

Philadelphia Print Shop West is open for business remotely. If you mention this post, you can receive 20 percent off any of the shop's antique views or maps of Colorado, which you can search here and order online, or call (303) 322-4757 to order. If you'd like to learn more about historical prints, Lane regularly contributes to Antique Prints Blog.


Plant an Indoor Succulent Garden 

Featuring Bloom by Anuschka

For the full and original version of this story, visit Colorado Homes & Lifestyles.

Creating a natural space in your home is a great way to celebrate a socially distant Earth Day today. Local flower and home lifestyle boutique Bloom by Anuschka has some DIY tips for growing succulents, which are easy to take care of, can thrive indoors and really liven up any space.

"A well-made indoor garden will bring good feng shui to any home," says Anuschka Patel, founder of Bloom by Anuschka. "People need plants. They can improve your mental and emotional health, and caring for something living and growing is so rewarding."

This succulent garden from Bloom by Anuschka puts a twist on traditional with the addition of an orchid, which adds height and interest to the arrangement.

Start with your style

For a traditional look, vary the textures and sizes of succulents planted, or if you want to go more modern, use all the same type. Different color rocks are an excellent way to enhance the garden, and Bloom recommends adding crystals for some extra shine. Of course, the most important thing is to use fresh, healthy succulents, which are best sourced from your local florist. 

Select Your Succulent

Bloom suggests echeveria, as there are lots of variants and they look beautiful all mixed together. Aeonium, propeller plants, pencil cacti, sedum morganianum, and string of pearls are some of the shop's other go-to varietals.

Water with Care

It's always good to have drainage in your indoor gardens. Succulents hate sitting in water. If your pot doesn't come with a hole, a layer of rock at the bottom will help prevent over-watering. Keep in mind that it's always better to let succulents get too dry than too wet.

Let the Sun Shine

Succulents are happiest in bright light. While they can be placed in direct sunlight, if they aren't accustomed to it, you'll want to move them to a shady spot for intermittently until they're strong enough to handle constant sun exposure. Colorado's climate is great for placing mature succulents outside in direct sunlight on warm days (just remember to bring them inside if the temperature drops).

Shop Bloom by Anuschka's floral, jewelry and home decor offerings online at for delivery or curbside pick-up.

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