Sponsor Spotlight: Cambiar Investors

Headquartered in Cherry Creek North for nearly two decades, Cambiar Investors has always maintained a deep focus on finding the best ideas for its investors. The investment management firm has maintained its status as an integral part of the Cherry Creek North community over the years by partnering with many local organizations, including as the presenting sponsor of Cherry Creek North Food & Wine for over five years. 

This year, we asked Nancy Wigton, Cambiar's Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, to share a few of her favorite things about the event and her tips on how to enjoy the 11th Annual Cherry Creek North Food & Wine to the fullest. 

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What does it mean to you to be part of the Cherry Creek North community?

We have been here for 19 years; we want to make sure the community knows who we are and that we know who they are. Our employees love being here. Everything we need is just footsteps away from the opportunity to shop to dine, to have lunch and come back for dinner.

What is your favorite thing about Cherry Creek North Food & Wine? 

My favorite thing is the opportunity to be a sponsor. Everybody gets the chance to enjoy the food, the wine, the dancing, the music, everything about it is just wonderful. We get to taste new restaurants, try old favorites and continue to get to experience them and even meet the chefs.

What are you most looking forward to at Cherry Creek North Food & Wine this year? 

The opportunity to taste so many great restaurants! Also, to try some of the wonderful wine from the Vineyard Wine Shop, and we have Wynkoop Beer and Stranahan’s cocktails. And don’t forget, time to be with your employees, your clients, be with the local community. It’s just a wonderful opportunity. 

For anyone new to Food & Wine, what’s your best tip to enjoy the evening? 

My best tip to enjoy the evening is: pace yourself! There’s so much great food and wine, and dancing and music, that you just have to be able to take it all in, experience it, get to know the people there, get to know the community, everything about it is wonderful. And don’t forget: these restaurants are here to hopefully win the People’s Choice Award, so make sure you vote for your favorite! This is such a big deal for these restaurants that are here, and we want them to be able to experience the opportunity to win.