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About Cherry Creek North

Have you ever been somewhere that just feels right?

What sets it apart? Perhaps it’s the walkability of the area, or lodging that provides all the comforts of home. Maybe it’s the laughter spilling out of a gallery during a nightly wine tasting, or alfresco dining on a patio laced with flowers. When you’re in Cherry Creek North, you can sit back and exhale. Life feels good here.

One hundred and forty years ago, Cherry Creek North was part of a small town called Harman. Since then, Cherry Creek North has emerged as a staple in the fabric of Denver and Colorado, blossoming into a very special mixed-use district.

Today, Cherry Creek North is a vibrant Denver neighborhood located at 1st Ave. and University Blvd. We boast a walkable outdoor community with more than 300 businesses (Denver’s highest concentration of locally-owned stores), including boutique hotels, more than 65 restaurants, home furnishing stores and galleries, clothing and accessory retailers as well as numerous spas, salons, gyms and specialized personal health services, all located minutes from downtown. We invite you to enjoy a glass of wine and a stellar al fresco meal between visits to both local businesses and national brand outposts – because here, life feels good.