Meet Our Team

Executive Office

Nick LeMasters, President & CEO

Implements at the Board’s strategic direction the BID’s plans to creatively plan, manage, and promote CCN as a premier live, work, shop/dine, stay destination including programs for marketing/communications/events; the design and maintenance of the BID’s streetscape; improvements to parking/mobility/economic development; and for advocacy with city government and other decision makers and stakeholders.


Jeanne St. Onge, Business Services Manager

Manages the day to day internal operations, customer and vendor relations, contract administration, personnel, benefits and IT administration, Colorado Notary, Finance Committee and Board of Directors facilitation.



Richard Barrett, Director of Operations

Public safety, parking management and improvements to the public rights-of-way, including streetscape and landscape.


Patrick Allison, Operations Manager

Landscape activities, plant health care, snow removal, quality control and contractor compliance


Marketing, Communications & Events

Jeannie McFarland Johnson, Director of Marketing & Communications

Public relations, events and activations, media planning


Kate Lynch, Marketing & Communications Manager

Messaging, creative and design, banners and kiosks, advertising and storytelling


Kat Libby, Digital Communications & Promotions Manager

Promotions, e-communications, website & social media