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Planning, Zoning & Guidelines

To create a great community, you must have a great process.

The Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District (BID) worked with the City of Denver to build a regulatory framework that guides land use and development in Cherry Creek North. Three key deliverables resulted from this process: The Cherry Creek Area Plan, new Cherry Creek North Zoning, and Cherry Creek North Design Guidelines. More recently, due to increased construction and investment in the area, the BID developed the Cherry Creek North Streetscape Design Standards and Guidelines and the Cherry Creek North Compliance Standards for Construction

Cherry Creek Area Plan

In 2012, the BID helped publish the Cherry Creek Area Plan. Over 1,000 individuals participated in the process to identify a long-term vision for the area. 

Cherry Creek North Zoning

In 2014, Denver City Council unanimously voted to adopt new zoning for the Cherry Creek North BID area. This zoning was developed over more than a year by an all-volunteer technical task force. The task force worked with city planners to craft new, custom zoning in order to enhance the live-work-play nature of Cherry Creek.

Cherry Creek North Design Advisory Board and Guidelines

The Cherry Creek North Design Advisory Board (DAB) was created to advise and assist the City’s office of Community Planning and Development in their review procedures to ensure that all submittals maintained the Design Standards and Guidelines for Cherry Creek North. These guidelines were created to provide a clear, comprehensive document articulating the level of design quality expected of improvements with the district.

General Restrictions: To make the Cherry Creek North BID reflect the character of Denver, there are few restrictions or rules. The primary requirement of the BID declaration is that the owner(s) maintain their property in a clean, sightly, wholesome condition and landscaping must be installed within one year of occupancy. City and County of Denver ordinances must always be followed. For the most part, the Association will rely on the “best judgment” of owners to conduct themselves in a manner that will be sensitive to neighbors.

For full submittal requirements and all signage and building renovation questions, contact Olga Mikhailova at

Cherry Creek North Construction Standards

As Cherry Creek North continues to evolve, it is essential that developers, contractors and sub-contractors respect and reinforce the BID’s goals and the District’s mixed-use nature, while contributing to its special character.  Construction should be completed efficiently while maintaining a livable, vibrant and desirable public realm for the many residents, retailers, workers and visitors in and around the area.

The Cherry Creek North Construction Standards inform parties undertaking construction projects within the BID’s boundaries of the requirements and expectations prior to, during and upon completion of construction.  

Cherry Creek North Streetscape Design Standards and Guidelines

The Cherry Creek North Streetscape Design Standards and Guidelines address design and improvement standards that maintain and strengthen the unique public realm in Cherry Creek North and the BID’s investment in the many streetscape assets. The BID is a compact urban area with significant vehicular and pedestrian traffic on a daily and nightly basis as well as regular community events. These standards are intended to inform developers and designers of what the standards and expectations are within the CCN BID.