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By providing data and reports, the Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District assists businesses in making educated decisions. Sales tax revenues, job statistics, development and real estate reports, we've got it all. Click on any of the reports below to learn more about the area.

Monthly Visitor Counts

In November 2018, the BID installed Motionloft devices throughout Cherry Creek North to track pedestrian foot traffic patterns. This pedestrian sensor network tracks activity 24/7 at 16 different locations throughout the District. The data collected from this technology supports the BID and its merchants in a variety of ways, including assisting with retail recruitment and retention, demonstrating the impact of events and activation, and informing maintenance needs in the physical environment. 


Annual Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts

Prior to the installation of the 16 pedestrian sensors in 2018, the BID conducted annual pedestrian and bike counts at nine intersections on specific days throughout the year. These counts were conducted primarily to gauge the impact of new development on pedestrian and bike counts. 


Cherry Creek Area Development Reports 

The Cherry Creek Area Development Report is a comprehensive overview of projects that have been completed in the last five years, are currently under construction, or have been announced in the greater Cherry Creek Area (which includes Cherry Creek North, the Cherry Creek North Neighborhood, and Cherry Creek East). Data is based on the best information available at the time, variations in data may occur.

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