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Ku Cha House of Tea - Cherry Creek

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2445 East 3rd Avenue
Unit 1
Denver, CO 80206


Ku Cha House of Tea - Cherry Creek is the leading tea importer and retailer in the Rocky Mountain region. With shops along Colorado’s Front Range and a dynamic online emporium, Ku Cha offers lovers of single-origin traditional, chai, rooibos, maté and herbal tea more than 170 whole-leaf premium selections from around the world. Ku Cha also specializes in exclusive contemporary tea ware, including artisan tea pots, cups and mugs, tea strainers, gifts and more. Ku Cha finds its foundation anchored firmly in China, where its founders and owners grew up and where tea represents a rich reflection of culture. Ku Cha's motto, “Whole Leaf, Whole Life,” speaks to the retailers belief that tea is much more than a beverage — it is a way of life. 
Hours: 11am - 5pm daily