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Kinetic Fitness Studio

Category: Small Business Spotlight

Dec. 5, 2018

Fitness trends may come and go, but Phil Davis believes his “old school” gym setting (and sense of humor) might just be the secret behind Kinetic Fitness Studio’s longevity.

Phil Davis joined Kinetic Fitness Studio two-and-a-half years ago, embracing the old-school vibe and helping personal training clients go back to the basics of fitness to help them reach their health and wellness goals.

Walk down the alley off 3rd Avenue between Columbine and Clayton streets toward the giant blue painted wall, and you’re transported back in time; you’ll probably hear 80’s rock jams coming from the 38-year-old studio’s tucked-away gym. Don’t be fooled by the orange traffic cones out front that read “no wimps”— Davis welcomes all with jokes, but he will put you to work.

“Walking in here, you can tell it’s not a typical gym. It’s got a funky, old-school feeling. A lot of people like that.”

Davis, a multisport athlete most of his life with an extensive coaching and personal training background, joined the studio just over two-and-a-half years ago as an operator and personal trainer. “I used to work out here in the 90’s, but this place has been in existence since 1980 and has been in this location almost 38 years. We still have members here that were with us way back then.”

Though it’s a small studio gym, Kinetic Fitness Studio offers a full host of training equipment— TRX suspension training, a Peloton bike, additional spin bicycles, weights, kettle bells, barbells, ropes, medicine balls, ropes and tires—as well as select fitness classes and personalized training for every age, ability and workout preference. Davis has even been known to take his training sessions outdoors, rolling out AstroTurf in the alley for his clients to push weighted sleds.

The studio has everything a fitness fan needs, and even non-members can rent time on the Peloton for a small fee.

“What’s really unique is everybody knows everybody in here. No one is doing their workout with their headphones on. The culture is really kind of cool, it’s really community-based. Our members really become kind of our extended family. It’s really a one-on-one experience. We celebrate their successes, birthdays and all of that.”

But the studio is not just for members only. He works with nearby hotels and businesses to create customized packages for short-term business travelers to get a workout in during their stay in the area, and those looking to take the trendy Peloton for a test ride can pay a small fee to try it out.

Davis says being part of Cherry Creek North is not only great for maintaining longtime client relationships, but for building new ones. “Having grown up here, it’s like my backyard. Knowing a lot of the business owners around here is great. It’s changing, but it’s got a nice feel to it. I’ve always supported Cherry Creek North and the businesses here, having been a retailer here before, so I find it’s just unique. And there’s not a lot of gyms like this out there.”

At the studio, Davis works with everyone from runners and cyclists to high school athletes. Several of Davis’ clients are in their golden years, so his specialization in knee, hip and shoulder rehabilitation techniques often comes in handy. He brings a holistic approach to his training sessions, incorporating nutrition education and setting achievable goals both inside and outside of the gym. “We tend to not just work people out, we get to know them really well. We want to know how they move, and how to help them move better.”

Hidden away in the alley on 3rd Avenue between Clayton and Columbine streets, the gym offers open gym time as well as select classes and personal training.

Davis proudly wears his studio shirt most days, which reads: “Est. 1980. Re-Est. 2017.” Adding the “re-established” date was his idea. “That’s when I came on. It’s kind of been a rebirth.” All-new equipment and the bright red-and-blue logo mural were a few recent additions. “We’re off the beaten path, no one knew we were here. Now it kind of pops a little bit.”

He compares his “hidden gem” of a location to a speakeasy, in that he’s built up his client roster primarily from word-of-mouth efforts and client referrals. “We’re very low key, hidden and kind of a secret. We’ve had a few celebrities come through whenever they’re in town, and that’s what they like about it.”

For Davis, it’s all about keeping people laughing so they come back for more—whether that’s through the internet memes he uses as wall décor, rock n’ roll tchotchkes throughout the gym or sharing nutrition information on Instagram couched with silly or snarky captions. He once even submitted to a client request to wear a frilly pink tutu during her training session.

“Working out has got to be fun. Everything in here has to have a fun aspect to it.”