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Moore for Life

Category: Small Business Spotlight

April 17, 2019

After more than 30 years in makeup and skincare, Michael Moore has told just about every one of his clients the same thing: feeling good about yourself goes far beyond the beauty counter.

Michael Moore is back in Cherry Creek North with Moore for Life, his all-new lifestyle and wellness business that focuses on creating a customized look for every complexion, occasion and lifestyle.

Everything from what you eat to the way you take care of your skin goes into how you approach every day, and Moore wants everyone he works with to take on life with confidence. That’s why, after selling his previous Cherry Creek North business of 13 years and taking a five-year hiatus, he’s back with his new venture: Moore for Life. 

“I came back in October of last year and opened Moore for Life in the aspect of really teaching women how to wear makeup for their lifestyle,” he says. “I talk to women a lot about nutrition, skincare, makeup and everything that goes into living their best life.”

Moore for Life is a slight departure from his last business, which focused on providing a skincare spa experience.

“My intention with starting this company was all about wellness,” he explains. “That’s always been my M.O. my whole life and most of my career.”

Moore's own line of all-natural makeup is custom-blended for each client.

The 31-year makeup industry veteran says the key is seeing the person behind the makeup. His ability to peer a little deeper has evolved throughout his career, which began behind the cosmetic counter in Atlanta in the late ‘80s. He then went on to work as a top assistant for Bobbi Brown (of the eponymous cosmetics line) and gained nationwide recognition for his work on Oprah and the Today Show. 

Now, each of his clients can expect a full skin-deep consultation that helps them not only create a makeup look that’s suitable for their lifestyle, but also a healthy skin foundation to build upon by using his own line of all-natural, custom-blended makeup.

“When younger people come in, or even more mature people come in, and they’re talking about wrinkles, they’re talking about darkness, they’re talking about acne… I start by asking the question, Do you know where this is coming from?”

On his all-new website, you can get a quick taste of what a consultation could look like through step-by-step videos that address skincare and makeup tips, with how-to’s on creating 3, 5 and 7-minute makeup looks for every age range, complexion and occasion—even tips for men. Each series includes a selection of videos that cover the basics on how to build a solid foundation for your face and expand from there, including topics like techniques to take your look from day to night to a primer on false eyelash application.

Looking for nutrition tips? Head over to the site’s Lifestyle Journal section and Moore will take you straight into his kitchen, where he whips up juices, smoothies and more that include skin-boosting ingredients. 

The Moore for Life space is bright and open, making it ideal for everything from one-on-one consultations to creating event-ready looks for both individuals and groups. 

Moore’s return to Cherry Creek North couldn’t have come at a better time. More wellness brands are choosing to open here every day, creating the opportunity to build strong business partnerships in the community with like minded organizations.

“I refer so many people to Vive Float Studio and Hydrate IV Bar for a lot of the things that I do,” he says. “Those are the kind of things that I keep sending people to, so I thought, why don’t I just locate my store in between the two?” 

Since relocating to Denver in 2000, Moore has become the go-to guy for local news and media looking for the latest lifestyle tips and tricks. Whether it’s discussing how to incorporate the Pantone color of the year into your wardrobe or simple steps on how to repair a brand-new blush that exploded all over the bathroom floor, Moore’s insight can help everyone from makeup novices to beauty addicts.

“Being here in Denver for 18 years, I’m a really a well-connected person. And it’s not because I’ve tried to be, it’s because I listen. That’s one thing I really enjoy about what I do—people talk to me a lot. We get deep. It’s not just a makeup application. You can do that at the cosmetic counter. When you come here, it’s a lot more. It’s really about changing your life. In many ways, it’s way beyond skin deep.”

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