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Spring Cleaning with Kouture Consignment

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Keep Or Toss? Spring Wardrobe Cleaning Tips From a Consignment Pro

Featuring Janice Smith of Kouture Consignment

Spring cleaning doesn't spark joy in everyone, even though Marie Kondo might have you believe otherwise. But earning some extra cash as you clean out your closet might just be the motivation you need to get rid of all those clothes you haven't worn in ages.

Janice Smith, owner of Kouture Consignment, suggests thinking of purging your unworn items as a great opportunity to change up your style, especially since you'll have the money to get some new pieces if you have quality items that are worth consigning. 

Time to clean your closet! It could mean extra cash, if your clothes and accessories are in excellent shape and can be sold via consignment.

Smith has four go-to "keep or toss" questions to ask yourself as you sort through your clothes and accessories:

  1. Does the item still have a tag, and has it never been worn? If the answer is "yes" to one or both of these questions, the item may be a good consignment candidate.
  2. Do I still love it? Weigh whether or not continuing to keep the piece in your closet will make you happy. 
  3. Can I see myself wearing this within a year? Even if something does make you happy when you look at it in your closet, why keep it if it never sees the light of day? Unless it's a sentimental item like a wedding dress or a prized family heirloom, consider whether it's a good use of space to keep it on your hanger.
  4. Should I give it to donation or resale? If your items are in good (but not great) condition, donating might be the best way to go. Make a donate pile to save until you're able to take them to your local dropoff center.

Smith recommends doing a closet cleanout once a year. And even though her storefront is closed for now, she's still got you covered: Kouture is offering consignment via email.

Simply send detailed pictures of the items you would like consigned to If your items are approved, you'll be directed on how and when to drop off your items contact-free in front of the Cherry Creek North store. Items must be dry cleaned and on hangers. 
And if you're ready to start shopping now, Smith has done some spring cleaning of her own to get you started! Kouture Consignment has a new online store at and will continue to post updates on the newest items available on their Instagram.

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