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Slumber in Style: Guide to Quality Sheets with The Brass Bed

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Claim Your Comfort With Quality Sheets

Featuring The Brass Bed, Fine Linens & Furnishings

We all keep hearing how important it is to practice self-care and do whatever possible to find a sense of balance. And to find balance, you have to begin with plenty of restful, refreshing sleep. That’s where your bedroom ensemble comes into play, and there's no better way to claim your comfort than by investing in quality, long-lasting (and snooze-inducing) sheets.

The Brass Bed, fine linens & furnishings has been helping Coloradans cozy up to a better night's sleep since 1978. Below, the pros behind the best bedding in the Mile High City share their guidance on how to find sheets that fit your fabric preference, sleeping style and—most importantly—are worth every penny when it comes to quality.

Before falling in love (and into bed) with any luxury sheets, take time to consider advice on your selection from The Brass Bed. They've been helping Denverites find the best fine linens for over 42 years.

Hit Snooze on Synthetics

Sheets are the most impactful component of your bedding—they're what you're body is touching most of the night, so they should feel luxurious and relaxing. Whether you like old-fashioned percale sheets that feel crisp and cool to the touch or sateen sheets that have a soft and silky feel, natural fibers are always the way to go. Quality sheets are made from cotton, linen, silk, and various combinations of these natural fibers as well as wood pulp.

Stay away from sheets with synthetics. In the world of fabric, anything with "synthetic" on the label is code for recycled plastics or petrochemical byproducts.  

Customize Your Comfort

Consider your own idea of comfort. When new customers come through The Brass Bed's doors unsure of what they're looking for, the staff usually starts with some basic questions: Are you a warm sleeper or do you tend to get cold during the night? Do you like a heavy or lightweight feel?

If you like to feel as cool as the other side of the pillow, staff typically recommends cotton percale or linen sheets, which are a great choice for hot sleepers. On the other hand, if you like feeling a little more toasty at night, look for sheets woven with flannel, wood pulp fibers, or silk. For a lightweight option that also offers coziness, choose a cloud-like cotton sateen weave that gives the best of both.

Also, consider how you want your bed to look: are you OK with a lived-in look, or do you prefer your sheets crisp and tidy? Percale tends to wrinkle more than sateen, but all natural fiber sheets eventually become buttery soft and wrinkle less with each washing. 

Don't Fall for Tired Tricks

Next, consider quality. Many large retailers love to parade the concept of thread count around their bedding sections as a marketing ploy, but don't be fooled until you take a closer look at their raw materials and where they were made.

A higher quality sheet woven in a family-owned workshop with the finest raw materials available will always outlast and outshine any densely woven sheet made with inferior cotton in a huge factory. Most of these large mills that produce supposedly high thread count sheets often use short fibers that easily break or pill because they are tied or chemically glued together to get longer yarns. Sometimes, they'll even twist yarns together to double or triple the thread count, or spin synthetics into the mix to produce an easy care option.

Bottom line: The very finest sheets are made from Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton and Supima® cotton, each offering a strong and lengthy fiber of at least two inches. 

Now is an excellent time to invest in your comfort. The Brass Bed is hosting an In-Stock Essentials Sale now through May 24, where you can get 20 percent off the shop's own private label percale and sateen sheeting, world-renowned Giza 45® sheeting, plus Emerald down comforters and pillows, sateen pillow protectors, and gentle yet effective linen washes.

Let the experts at The Brass Bed help you choose just the right fit—it's one of the few investments that will help you feel more at ease now and continue to make your bedroom a relaxing escape for years to come.

To ensure a safe and welcoming experience, call (303) 322-1712 or click here to make an appointment to shop in store, or visit the website to shop online. As always, their online store is still expediting orders.

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