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The Style Studio by Keri Blair

Category: Small Business Spotlight

Published: January 17, 2018

As a personal stylist, wardrobe and fashion consultant, Keri Blair has distilled the art of transforming individuals into a process that is both efficient and enjoyable. Here, she tells us how she got in to the business of changing lives through careful cultivation of the “first impression.”

Can you describe how the Style Studio came to fruition?
I used to work in sales and I traveled a lot. I began to realize I couldn't sell to C-Level executives in New York the same as in Texas, the same as in Chicago, or the same as in Los Angeles I had this epiphany that I needed to customize how I was dressing to be respected and listened to in different areas of the country. So, I sat down and created this business.

Being located in Denver, we wanted to be in the hub of the fashion community, which is how we chose Cherry Creek North. If we’re in the middle of styling somebody and we need a different size we can run over to a store or to the mall. We try and do all our shopping in Cherry Creek and Cherry Creek North. I love having those partnerships.

What is the common denominator among Style Studio clientele?
We work with men and women, and I would say the majority of people that hire us are executives, CEOs, spouses of executives or people that just want to look amazing and they can't do it themselves. Some people think they have to be great at everything, but there are always experts out there in any field that can make our lives easier. I had this client a few months ago. She told me she knew she’d be up for partner in the next year or two. She made partner within six months after working with us. Our clients are people willing to invest in themselves to get that promotion or achieve that next goal.

It sounds like you’re in the business of changing lives. Can you talk a little about your process?
I've really created a system where I get to know the essence of who people are and bring that to the outside. My theory is if you feel that great, you'll accomplish more in life. You'll make more money, you'll meet the love of your life, you'll be able to give more to the community and to yourself. I’m kind of like a therapist. I get at the root of someone’s issues and transform them. You should not “put up” with anything in life, and if you're looking in the mirror and putting up with something about how you look or feel about yourself, that should end now. This is your one and only life. You should feel amazing every day.

You say you’re helping people to “meet the love of their life.” How?
We can help our clients with the first impressions they make through their dating profiles. We’ll style them, send them to a photographer and help them design and re-write their profiles. I’m in the business of first impressions. We each have less than one second to make an amazing first impression and most people don't.

So the Style Studio essentially streamlines the process of fine tuning a person’s look, while making that process convenient and enjoyable at the same time?
We do. Dressing rooms are the worst. We’ve really curated the lighting and the mirrors here. We serve wine and champagne or order in lunch from Hillstone across the street. We have a makeup artist who teaches our clients amazing five-minute makeup tips. We also do hair consultations and send our clients to our trusted hairdressers to complete the look, and we have an on-site tailor. We also do a lot of work with brides and bridal parties to simplify the dress shopping process and make it fun.

I’m looking at a wall of beautiful accessories behind you. Is that also a service you provide to clients?
Yes, I go to LA and New York and I buy handbags, necklaces, jewelry…everything you would need to finish off your wardrobe. Mostly, I buy it to style clients and people can make an appointment with us to come shop the studio. I also custom design necklaces, so I have a whole wall displaying my custom designs. I do that because people don't want to have a necklace that matches one outfit, they want a necklace that they can wear all the time…and that is harder to find. We also offer style parties where people can bring in 10 of their friends and have it catered. We’ll bring in clothes from boutiques that they can browse through while we give styling tips.

How does being a mom impact your work?
I love that I am a mom in this industry because there aren't a lot of us, and it helps me relate to my clients more. If I weren't a mom, how would I know how essential it is to simplify your morning routine? I do the same thing for my daughter that I do for my clients. I go shopping, I buy everything and I bring it home, or here. She has to try everything on and she can only keep what she loves. Sometimes she’ll try and wear the same thing every day, so I play little tricks with her, but she's very smart. She'll say, "but Mommy, that doesn't make me feel good today." So we created a system where we have two rods. After she wears something it has to go to the top rod and she can only pick from the bottom one. I even bought her a little mannequin and she dresses the mannequin with shoes and everything the night before school.

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