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This Cherry Creek Hotel Blends Denver’s Adventurous Spirit and Posh Accommodations

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Matador Network got to experience an overnight at the Halcyon, a hotel in Cherry Creek and discovered how much there is to do when you book your stay in Cherry Creek North.

The Halcyon boasts four on-site dining options, from a local neighborhood Local Jones, to an exclusive speakeasy B&GC, to a stunning rooftop view from Rare Bird, there's something for every mood on your block!

The hotel sits in the charming and refined Cherry Creek North neighborhood of Denver, just minutes from the downtown central business district but far enough away to have a completely different atmosphere. This glamorous, walkable district has been referred to by some as the “Beverly Hills of Denver,” boasting a lineup of sophisticated restaurants, galleries, boutique fitness studios, and a diverse range of upscale shopping options.

Molly O'Brien, Matador Network

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