Recipe: Blue Island Oyster Bar's Green Chili Oysters

Sean Huggard, director of operations at Blue Island Oyster Bar, recently visited Colorado and Company to showcase what he'll be grilling up at the 10th Annual Cherry Creek North Food & Wine.

See the full recipe below and get your tickets for the event Saturday, Aug. 11 at 6 pm in Fillmore Plaza.

Blue Island Oyster Bar's Green Chili Oysters

For your prep:

Shuck a dozen oysters, cutting the bottom abductor muscle. Crush a handful of your favorite tortilla chips for topping. Rough chop a handful of cilantro.

For green chili butter:

1 pound butter

1.5 cups roasted green chilies, half diced and half pureed

.25 teaspoon ground coriander

.25 teaspoon ground cumin

.5 tablespoon salt

.5 tablespoon lime zest

Allow butter to soften, then fold in remaining ingredients, mixing well.

For lime crema:

2 cups sour cream

3 limes

Zest one lime, and juice all three times. Mix well with sour cream.


Place shucked oysters in the shell on a pre-heated grill, topped with a tablespoon of green chili butter on each. Grill until cooked through. Place grilled oysters over shredded lettuce and top oysters with crushed tortillas and cilantro. Serve with lime crema on the side or a small dollop on top.