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Published: June 10, 2016

As the second longest standing business in Cherry Creek North, Shaver-Ramsey Rug Gallery is a multi-faceted fixture in the community. Co-owners Paul Ramsey and Liz Vehko discuss a rug’s relationship between function and beauty, and the leap of faith they took in opening their doors to a local theater company in need of a home.

Q: You have a star-studded list of clientele. Why do you think they shop at Shaver-Ramsey?

A: We have served Presidents, Governors and even the Pope. They come because of our reputation, not just nationally, but internationally.  We’re on a constant quest to find the best rugs available in the world, whether new or antique. We are not interested in making quick sales, but rather developing relationships that last for years.  People deal with us because they know our prices are fair.  We don’t mark our rugs up to give enormous discounts. We have a reputation based on our high ethical standards. We’re also dedicated to service - providing people with the best and most accurate information, the best advice on cleaning repair and restoration, appraisals, and to assure every detail is attended to when purchasing.

Q: Your store opened in Cherry Creek North in 1976 with 600 square feet. Today you’re still in Cherry Creek North, with over 5,000 square feet. What has kept you in this neighborhood?

A: There is no place we would rather be.  We like being situated in a neighborhood surrounded by our customers, and we like the unique mix of businesses, restaurants and now hotels…80206 is the best zip code in all of Denver.

Q: You’re an oriental rug dealer by day, but home to a local theater company by night?

A: Shaver-Ramsey has always considered itself a community center in addition to a business.  We have the square footage, so why not use it to benefit this wonderful community.  The partnership with the Cherry Creek Theater Company came to fruition after they approached many businesses and developers in the area looking for a home. They all said, “no” and we said without hesitation, “Why not? Let’s see how this can work.” They’re now in their sixth season and we haven’t looked back. We’ve hosted thousands of theater-goers and have never charged the theatre a penny.  We’ve also opened our space to many other non-profits including Bromwell Elementary School, Central City Opera and Asian Performing Arts.  We love being part of the community.

Q: Paul, you lead a popular and free class called “Magic Carpet Ride.” Tell us more…

A: In general, people see textiles and rugs as ubiquitous. They’re everywhere…on our furniture, our car seats, next to our skin and on our floors.  And since they are everywhere, we rarely stop to think that textiles can be masterworks of art, just made in textile techniques. At Shaver-Ramsey we want people to understand this distinction, and that very beautiful pieces of weavings, which is what hand-made rugs are all about, are really worthy of special attention

This is what my Magic Carpet Ride class is all about - experiencing the high levels of art and “craft-womanship.”  Class participants quickly see the distinctions. While weaving arose out of a need for clothing and warmth, the products of weaving soon took on a need for self-expression – a synergy of practicality and high ornamentation. In a way, the Magic Carpet Ride class is about celebrating art and the human experience. One class member put it this way: “your class isn’t so much about rugs - it’s about appreciating beauty.”


Shaver-Ramsey Rug Gallery is a member of the Cherry Creek Arts District

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