The Twisted Tulip

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Published: November 22, 2016

Crystal and John Guise are co-owners of The Twisted Tulip, a charming florist shop in the heart of Cherry Creek North. Here, they discuss co-mingling domestic and business life, harnessing skills from previous occupations, and natural flower elixirs.

You are husband and wife and business partners. What has been the most surprising thing when it comes to working with your spouse?

That we actually enjoy it! Our plan worked out, and this has ended up being a great retirement project for us…if we ever decide to retire.

How do the two of you divide and conquer tasks in the store?

Our motto is that most people are happier and work better utilizing their God given “gifts,” so we try to divide them based on this, even with our employees.  However, there is always work that you have to just “role up your sleeves” and get accomplished, so that happens on a day-to-day basis as well.

You frequently offer a social flower arranging workshop called "Booze and Blooms." Is pairing flowers a little bit like pairing food and wine...some go better together than others?

Both are art forms. Our store sells an all natural “Flower Elixir” crafted from real flowers that can be blended with spirits to make a really wonderful cocktail. We pair flower arranging with wine and spirits at our Booze & Blooms class. We provide all the necessary flowers, tools and training to guide people through floral arranging, and they get to keep their creation. We promote our upcoming workshops on social media and by email, and we also offer private workshops for special occasions and parties.

This is the second florist shop you've owned, but I understand you both did something very different before getting in to this line of work.

John is a US Army retired master sergeant with a communications background. So he gets us going on time and staying on task…and he tries to be the boss. Ha! Crystal did children’s ministry for a few years, then worked for a child advocacy organization helping children who were abused and neglected and providing a voice in courtroom settings, so she knows persistence and perseverance.

Why did you decide to open a store in Cherry Creek North?

Opportunity along with a great location…need we say more!



The Twisted Tulip
300 Fillmore Street
Denver, CO 80206

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