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Two Pals & a Pup

Category: Small Business Spotlight

Published: March 28, 2017

Has your pooch ever tried a “pupcake?” Jen Newhouse, owner of Two Pals & A Pup,” has been spoiling four-legged friends with fresh organic baked treats for seven years. Here, she tells us about the pup who inspired it all, and why her store is like the “neighborhood bar.” 

In the age of massive pet store conglomerates, why did you want to start a boutique pet store?

Well, we evaluated current industry trends and assessed various market segments, and noticed that many buyers were looking for more diversified product offerings and a better buying experience.  Our goal was to create an “old school” neighborhood shop; a place you could stop in with your pet and be greeted with good conversation, friendly banter, and a smile.

Who is the original “Pup” of Two Pals & A Pup?

Bocephus.  He was the original pup and the inspiration for our logo.  He was all heart with a healthy dose of Cairn Terrier attitude.  Bo had a lot to do with our decision to invest in our own business.  He was born with kidney disease, and during his lifespan we learned all about animal nutrition, toy shredding and unending love.  

Before we lost Bo, we welcomed Griffin into our home, and “Griff” now wears the pup title proudly.  He doesn’t work weekends, and really isn’t concerned if his hair’s a mess.  He’s just happy to see you. 

You’ve been known to describe your store as the “neighborhood bar,” but for dogs. Why?

Because it is! When our customers walk in, they get comfortable and join in on the conversation of the hour.  Our patrons are our friends.  We take stock in their opinions and needs.  When our regulars lose a dog, we feel the loss and often share the tears with our clients.  We care, we do right by the dogs and we go the extra step to know who you are and what your pup likes.

You’ve got a tempting looking case of baked goods just for pups, but they honestly look delicious to the human eye as well. Tell us about what we’re looking at in this case…

They do look good don’t they? But they’re really just for pets. We specialize in birthday cakes and all organic baked goods like our Crazy for Carrot Cakes, Pupcakes, Rollover Chip Cookies, Bow Tie Bones & Half Gone Cookies. All of them are made on location at our shop.  We also carry a variety of other pet products, toys, collars, and so on. All of our products are made in the USA.  We bring in new items on a weekly basis, so there is always something to see. 

You even provide curbside pickup and delivery service for pet food?

If you order and pay by phone, we’ll bring it directly to your car when you pull up.  Also, if you live within 10 miles of the shop, we offer a monthly $5 delivery program.  We’ll bring the food to your home on the 21st of every month.

You describe your store as having an "old school" feeling to it. Why?

We’re not a fad or a trend setter. We’re just consistent and caring.  We’ve been here for seven years now and the shop is still thriving.  We chose Cherry Creek North because of the foot traffic, but we’ve stayed because of the community.  The support for independent business owners is humbling.

Two Pals also helps local animal fostering groups. How?

We do.  Every year we have a Holiday Can Food Drive.  Our patrons buy a can of food to donate and then we match their purchase can-for-can.  Last year, we donated over 5,000 cans of food to two local animal foster groups.


Two Pals & A Pup
231 Clayton Street
Denver, CO 80206

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