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Where to Get a Warm Drink This Season

Category: Life is Sweet

Find Your Next Warm Drink This Season

Cozy Up in Cherry Creek North

As winter settles in, Cherry Creek North becomes home for those seeking warmth, both from the cold outside and the comforting embrace of a steaming, delightful beverage. Check out our list below for some must-visit spots where you can savor the season's warmth in a cup.

Enstrom Candies

More than toffee

Enstrom’s might be renowned for their famous almond toffee, but don’t overlook their cozy seating area, perfect for sipping on a cup of steaming coffee or indulging in rich hot chocolate while soaking in the holiday buzz.

Die Die Must Try

Boba and beyond

Known for bringing boba to Cherry Creek, Die Die Must Try also offers a selection of warm drinks, ensuring there's something for everyone seeking a toasty beverage fix.

The Urban Egg

Locally Brewed

With a proud offering of locally roasted, fair trade coffee from Barista Specialty Coffees, Urban Egg is a haven for coffee aficionados. Don’t miss the chance to take home some freshly ground or whole bean goodness.

Aviano Coffee

Where Romance Meets Coffee

Step into Aviano Coffee and feel the romance in the air. This locale offers local brews that warm both your hands and heart, accompanied by welcoming smiles.


Brunch & Beyond

Pair your warm drink at Syrup with a delightful brunch spread. Choose from a variety of specialty lattes while sharing some hashbrowns among friends.

Local Jones

Afternoon Tea Extravaganza

For a sophisticated warm drink experience, reserve a spot for afternoon tea at Local Jones. Indulge in warm scones, house-made pastries, and an assortment of teas that redefine holiday luxury.


Latin Flavors & Cozy Drinks

Toro Latin Kitchen & Lounge, a haven crafted by Chef Richard Sandoval, serves up vibrant flavors and offers warm beverages that perfectly complement their delectable dishes. Pro tip: Don’t miss the Oaxacan Hot Chocolate on Christmas Eve!


Trusty & Efficient

For those seeking familiarity, Starbucks in Cherry Creek North ensures a quick and reliable warm drink fix. Ordering ahead through the app allows more time to relish the festive atmosphere outdoors.

Mistletoe Lounge

Limited Time Only

Until December 24, the Cherry Creek Holiday Market hosts the Mistletoe Lounge—a pop-up holiday bar filled with both cocktails and mocktails. Take a break from shopping and sip on something delightful while browsing through the market.

This holiday season, Cherry Creek North offers a symphony of flavors and experiences to warm your spirits. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, a tea enthusiast, or simply seeking the perfect cozy ambiance, these spots are waiting to wrap you in holiday cheer, one delicious sip at a time.