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Cherry Creek North small businesses are the heart of our community. This year, we decided that they deserve a whole weekend of celebration!

Join us for Small Business Weekend Friday, Nov. 27 - Sunday Nov. 29, 2020 to shop, dine and enjoy kicking off the holiday shopping season with your favorite local and independently-owned businesses. Below, we're highlighting the faces behind your favorite local businesses, what makes them so unique and why it's so important to support small this season. We'll be sharing these stories all November long on our Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to follow along!

Check back for details on all of the deals and promotions at participating businesses and how you can enter for a chance to win a Cherry Creek North Shop Small prize package during Small Business Weekend!

Christopher Lane | Owner, The Philadelphia Print Shop West

"Cherry Creek North is such a great business community.  It has so much variety of shops that it brings in a diverse set of customers.  We are always meeting people who never had any idea one could buy an antique map or vintage print, but they found our shop because they came to CCN to explore the many shops here. 

We are one of the only businesses in the country where you can walk in, look at and hold (and take home!) a map over 400 years old, the first printed picture of Denver, an original bird print by John James Audubon, or a first-hand portrait of a Native American from the 1830s."

Visit The Philadelphia Print Shop West

Jaimy Voigts | Owner, Belly Bliss

"I love my day to day interactions with our clients. I feel incredibly privileged to get a peek into this unique and amazing time in their lives... Expecting parents and new parents are facing unprecedented stress and isolation at this time, making community support and connection even more vital. 

Our team covers the spectrum of support for anyone newly expecting, expecting again, or navigating new parenthood. We are proud to have been serving the Denver community for over 12 years and have recently expanded our services and classes to focus on all women, not just those in the midst of growing and raising babies."

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Herbie | Founder/Owner, ink! Coffee Company

"Local small businesses are the heartbeat of America. Today more than ever it’s important to support local small business so that our local economy can continue thriving and our doors can continue to stay open so we can continue serving our communities.

We're open and ready to serve you a great cup of coffee with a smile, even behind a mask. You can also support ink! Coffee through Doordash for order ahead and deliveries."

Visit ink! coffee

Amy Dickerson and Katie Wafer | Owners, Live Love Lash and Hydrate IV Bar

"We LOVE our Cherry Creek North community and getting to know everyone that’s a part of it. Stop by and say hello! You might even leave feeling hydrated, with beautiful lashes, or a new product created right here in Colorado!

We are owned and run by an amazing team of women. Through this, we have been able to build a business around the values of our sisterhood which include honesty, integrity, and empowerment. We serve others and ourselves, lift one another up and celebrate our community."

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Michael Moore | Founder/Owner, Moore for Life

"I built my business, Moore For Life, to be one of a kind. It is built around a philosophy, technique and product that is all locally sourced in house and unique to each, individual client. 

Every business starts out small. Let's watch where we can go! A small business tends to be more personal and in a unique territory. It's always so nice going into somewhere where they know your name."

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Karmen Berentsen | Owner, A Line Boutique

"The Cherry Creek community has always been a special place for small businesses to thrive. Now more than ever, it's crucial to shop local and shop small. We have always said that we are a hospitality company with inventory, so let us go a step beyond the department stores and think through everyone on your gifting list, pack you for your mountain holiday getaway, and hand-deliver your wardrobe needs to your home. Next time you're in a pinch and heading to Nordstrom, text your stylist or call us and see how we can go above and beyond to make your shopping that much easier. And don't forget, we always price match!

There is a quote that I love that essentially says that every time you buy from a small, local business, a real person smiles. It's so true. We value every transaction because we get to know each person who walks through the door, and on the other end, we get to support our talented team members and keep bringing great new brands to Denver, contributing to the ever-evolving Colorado fashion scene."

Visit A Line Boutique

Katie Friedland (and Millie) | Owner, Show of Hands

"Supporting local means knowing that your friends, family and community are their for each other and will continue to be for years to come. I am your neighbor and over 100 artists in my shop are your local friends and neighbors, too!

It's knowing when you walk into my store that it is as safe as it can be because I am there giving 100% of myself to each and every customer while my son is home remote learning. Nothing is more important to us than Show of Hands remaining a happy place while at the same time implementing safety measures to keep everyone healthy & happy during these challenging times.

I love truly connecting with people through art and knowing when they leave they feel better just by walking into my happy place! "

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Dr. Tahl Humes | Medical Director, Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

"Sending in referrals and shopping small businesses is a great way to help out during these hard times! My favorite part of being a small business owner is the camradery of our team. By shopping local and supporting your community, the hope is they will in turn support you! Our business is unique because of the high level of expertise with our medical staff and always staying up to date on the newest medical trends."

Visit Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

Terri Garbarini | Owner, Garbarini

"It’s very important that people support their local independently owned small business - or soon there will be none! When you patronize a small business, those dollars are sure to be recycled in your community. They help to support the employees that work there and they in turn spend their dollars at other local businesses. Supporting local has a huge multiplier effect. It seems every year people spend more and more dollars online, taking for granted that small businesses will always be there. Use it or lose it! 

One of my favorite aspects of working in my store is the amazing sense of community I have between my longtime customers, my longtime employees and myself. Many of my employees have worked for me for 20-ish years and many of my customers have shopped with me likewise. It just feels like home and Cherry Creek is our little village. Especially since COVID-19, I’m so grateful just to be in business."

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Andi Sigler | Owner, VIVE Float Studio+

"The Cherry Creek North neighborhood has always offered a beautiful mix of forward-thinkers, risk takers and wellness advocates while maintaining a deep sense of community connection. As a leader in the REST and RECOVERY movement, we knew VIVE needed to be among those that would see value in our vision to provide access to cutting-edge, alternative wellness therapies offering mental and physical restoration. This like-minded community is ideal for VIVE to thrive.

Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community and mindfully choose to shop locally. As small business owners, we count on our community to be conscious of the financial realities of their local businesses by intentionally investing their funds in our offerings when given a choice. We could not be more grateful for those that invest in VIVE, as we invest in them."

Visit VIVE Float Studio+

Clif Louis | Owner, The Vineyard Wine Shop

"I became a small business owner because I prefer working for myself. Although the hours can be long at times, it also gives me the flexibility to do what I want to do and when I want to. I chose to open my business in Cherry Creek North in 1971 because it's where I live and it has everything that I need.

I encourage people to shop small because so much of business is small business, so it is important to support their livelihoods.

My business is unique because everyone who works at The Vineyard has a deep appreciation for good wine—not always expensive wine, but good wine."

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